I have been building and creating since a very young age. I started as a young artist using traditional media with several pieces shown at local events and museums. As I grew older, my interests turned more towards the sciences and engineering, which eventually led me to attend Virginia Tech. At Virginia Tech, I focused on biomedical engineering, in particular, prosthetics and artificial organs. It was during my time at Virginia Tech that I developed a passion for level and game design, creating levels for everything from Warcraft 2 to Quake 2.

I eventually left behind my graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering at Virginia Tech to join the games industry. My professional game development career began when I proudly joined Gearbox Software. During my time there, I worked on Half-Life: Opposing Force and co-designed and created Half-Life: Blue Shift. While at Gearbox, I was also fortunate enough to work on the James Bond franchise, and bring Microsoft’s Halo: Combat Evolved to the PC.

I left Gearbox for a fantastic opportunity with Pi Studios, where I helped build the company and served several roles including Producer, Design Director, Lead Designer and Lead Level Designer. I continued to have the privilege of working with the biggest publishers on some of the biggest and most successful game franchises, including Call of Duty, Halo, Quake Arena, and Wolfenstein. While at Pi Studios, I continued to expand my experience on multi-platform development, hone my leadership and production skills, and continue my “in the trenches” development approach while contributing to almost every aspect of the projects I was involved with.

At Oscar Mike Games (OMG.), I entered the exciting world of mobile development and social games, serving as Lead Designer developing accessible fun and challenging game play experiences with wide audience appeal. During my time at OMG., I expanded my skill set even further by developing new IPs and designing in-game economies, user interfaces, and control schemes on mobile devices.


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